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Below is the transcript in case you have difficulty reading the subtitles on the movie.

My name is Yoshiko Onoda. I hold RBi FLOWER ART classrooms that lectures folding a paper rose with a sheet of paper. Since the classrooms are held mainly in Tokyo, I made a movie for rose folding fans who cannot attend to enjoy folding roses anytime and anywhere. I sincerely hope people all over the world will enjoy “folding a paper rose” with a sheet of paper” with this tutorial.

A bamboo spatula
to make creases neatly

A chopstick
to make curls

1. How to make creases
Front side up. Fold the paper several times to create creases.
Unfold and rotate 90 degrees.
Keep the front side up. Repeat to make creases.
Several vertical and horizontal creases are created.

2. How to made a middle square
Find a middle square made with the creases.
Fold the middle square in half like a summit.
Fold like shown. The first crease aligns with the edge of the top paper.
Rotate and repeat.
Pop the middle square.
Fold the middle square in half like a valley.
The long summit to the right.
The long summit to the left.

3. How to use a spatula on the middle square
Press down each of the long summit with a spatula.
Press down the middle square with a spatula.

4. Making the core three-demensional
Fold the line like a valley.
Find 4 diamond shapes created, and fold each in half like indicated.
Place the right middle finger on the back side of the diagonal line.
Fold diagonal line of the diamond like a summit with left thumb and index finger.
Rotate and repeat.

5. Twisting up the paper
Pinch the summits and twist up as rotating the entire paper.
While repeating, make it in a columnar shape with our left hand.

6. Stretching wrinkles around the core
Stretch wrinkles around the core with a chopstick.

7. How to fold petals
Stack the dots shown.
Fold like shown so that the indicated lines become perpendicular.
The folded petal come to the middle between the left and right petals.
Open the petals on the back before folding next petals.
Adjust the overlap of the petals.
Twist up the petals.

8. How to fold the bottom
Fold the bottom traiangles into the middle hole.
Push into the hole firmly.
Adjust the bottom so that it becomes flat.

9. Making curls on the petals
Open all the petals and see the balance of the 4 petals.
Make curls with a chopstick. Start with the outer petals.
Then the inner petals.
See the balance of the 4 petals.

10. Finished